Sunday, April 15, 2007

When two singers met - Gayatri & Pradip

An interview with Gayatri by Pradip Somasundaram

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Duration: 26m 45s
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Two friends. Two wonderful singers. Came together for a chat for M-Pod. One of them interviewed the other. The "meri awaz suno" fame Pradip Somasundaran interviews state award winning singer Gayathri in this episode.

M-Pod has covered an interview with Pradip earlier and you're all familiar with him now. You know Gayathri through the songs like Thumbi kinnaaram from the movie Naran, Chaanchaadiyaadi from Makalkku, Enthe nee kanna (state award winning song), Deena dayaalo raama from Arayannangalude veedu etc. You also heard her singing in Maestero Ilaiyaraja's oratario Thiruvaasagam.

In this conversation they talk about:

  • Gayathri as a person
  • Her entry into the musical career
  • Advantages/disadvantages of learning Carnatic & Hindustani music for a singer
  • Different styles/schools in Hindustani music - With vocal examples
  • What makes a singer to stand apart from the other singers
  • Song from the movie Makalkku

Please let Pradip and Gayathri know your thoughts on the show and their singing. Let them know your wishes and prayers for them in the following email IDs:

Pradip: pradipsomasundaran(at)gmail(dot)com
Gayathri: gayathriasokan(at)yahoo(dot)com


Special thanks to Sri. Pradip Somasundaram and Ms. Gayatri for their un-conditional support.