Saturday, April 14, 2007


A talk show about the folk Knowledgebase of Kerala

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Duration: 33m 16s

In this week's episode, Dr. C. R. Rajagopal (Professor of Malayalam in Keralavarma College, Thrissur) talks about the folk knowledge of Kerala and the importance of knowing our culture and the knowledge that our ancestors had passed on to us.

Dr. Rajagopal is the director of Centre for Indigenous Knowledge, Thrissoor that accredited in the world intellectual property organisation, Geneva. The group is working and documenting the traditional knowledge systems. It has published 25 books.

And Dr C. R. Rajagopal received folklore academy award. The centre has folklore performances troupe and released 4 album of folk songs. His four video films were also presented in the universities and in Kaumudi Europe online reception. The first film is on Shamanism of Malayan tribes in Kerala.The 2nd is on musicians and dancers on serpent worship in Kerala. 3rd on the 'play' of consciousness in Mudiyettu / a folk theatre and the 4th on destination -A journey into 'Yi' tribal culture of south west China.

You can check for the "Nattarivu" articles in for Malayalam articles and for English articles.

If you want to know more about "Naatarivu Padana Kendhram", please contact them in the below adddress:

Naattarivu Padana Kendram,
Kanimangalam P. O.
Thrissur - 680027
Ph: + 91 487 2448827

Or you can contact Mr. Rajagopal at


Jagadish said...

There are some minor errors in the write-up. A missing 'is', missing articles and so on. It will be good if you can do a thorough proofreading before publishing it. Though they are minor,the errors are disconcerting.

Jo said...

Hi Jagdish, could you please be more specific? I didn't get exactly what you mean. Thanks.